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Hey this is Renegade from youngstown/girard/li berty OH. Part of a group called BHK (Black Hood Krew) consists of myself, Jboi, Lil' Saint, Dyse, Malie Fresh, Que Young, and Zu. Affiliated wit New Star Ent. rappers to check out curiosity, aztec, killbillv

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Youngstown, Ohio

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(Verse 1 = Wes P)
Dear God, all I want is a stable home
A loving family, not a life where I walk alone
So much rage, and so much pain, surviving through this sorrow
I don't know, and you don't know, who will die tomorrow
It could be you, it could be me, it could be someone else
While burning in these fucking flames, surviving through this hell
When I get attatched, It's like we're both connected
To good to be true, a vision, or a projection?
I want to make a person see just how I fucking feel
To hold her and touch her, I want it to be real
No crying over situations, saying that you cannot take it
Thinking about your lying, got my fucking heart erasing
My ex girl played me with my best friend
Now the shit takes me a few steps ahead
I would have taken a bullet for either fucking one
Now it's me looking through the barrel of the gun

(Verse 2 = D Mike)
Yeah, it's funny how life fucked up a born fuck up
So guess what, I'm going back to fill the trunk up
And on my way, don't get all fucked up
I'm ready to hit, with my reboks pumped up
In my life there's been so many hospitals and obsticles
So I know it's on me to do what is responsible
But it's hard 'cause my heart's as cold as a pop sickle
Finding love, is almost impossible
I hate it and it hate's me, the hate is unstoppable
So I guess there's only one thing to do and go cop a two
And blow my brains, all over the wall
What's wrong B? why you shitting balls?
It's all over now, ain't that what you wanted?
All you ever did for me was prove that I was nothing
Yeah, you stuck with me even through all the ruffness
I'm screaming for your love be, why don't you do something

(Verse 3 = Renegade (me))
Looking back, at all the wasted years
It's like we were only meant to bring each other tears
Whether we were far away, or whether we were near
We found ways to fill our hearts with fear
If I could have only one wish, it would be to have you by my side
So I can kiss you girl, and call you mine
Someone hit rewind, so I can find where we went wrong
I loved you all along, I hope you hear this song
Since you've been gone, I've had trouble being strong
Girl it's been so long, where did we go wrong?
I'm asking you baby, please pick up the phone
I have so many apologies for the way we handled these situations
I'm ready to live up to your expectations
No more lacerations on our hearts, we'll stitch what we tore apart
And just hit restart